Deposition Summaries

Quick, affordable and concise summaries completed by experienced medical and legal professionals

Over 15 years of experience summarizing
over a million pages of deposition transcripts

Don’t waste time wading through pages of information! eData Services provides concise summaries that pull out the important facts for you to clearly understand and easily reference. Each deposition summary is completed by an experienced medical or legal professional. We process summaries for law firms, healthcare professionals, insurance carriers, and engineers affordably and efficiently.

Accuracy is guaranteed and we customize each summary to your specifications to provide a fully completed summary. The outcome is an interactive PDF organized to present each entry linked to the corresponding page in the original deposition transcript.

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Deposition Summary Benefits

Experienced Medical and Legal Professionals

We ensure the best outcome by selecting professionals with experience in the appropriate field. Our medical professionals are nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and pharmacist. Our legal professionals are lawyers and paralegals.

Fast, Affordable and Reliable

Our rate is simply $0.50 per deposition page, with no hidden charges or surprises. eData Services' professionals deliver interactive documents within just 5 days. If you need your deposition summary within an even shorter timeframe, we provide more immediate turnarounds at no additional cost.

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