Virtual Medical Scribes

See more patients in less time with real-time medical transcription and recordkeeping assistance from experienced medical professionals.

Give your full attention to your patients, not recordkeeping.

eData Services’ Virtual Medical Scribes alleviate the burden of recordkeeping, allowing Health Care Providers to spend more time focusing on direct communication with their patients. Our scribes enable you to see more patients, increase your revenue, and gain access to a higher quality of life outside of the office.

Virtual Medical Scribes can take on a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Scheduling diagnostic tests
  • Documenting prescriptions
  • Scheduling and confirming patient appointments
  • Managing your calendar
  • Verifying insurance coverage
  • Answering and making phone calls
  • Transcribing correspondences to referring physicians
  • Routing diagnostic and laboratory results into your EHR.

Virtual Medical Scribes Benefits

Real-Time Transcriptions

Our scribes are present in real-time for the entire duration of each exam, entering information into your EHR or SOAP notes. Instantly instruct your scribe to display any information from the EHR right from your computer.

Experienced Medical Professionals

eData's Virtual Scribes are Registered Nurses and medical professionals who understand medical documentation. You will be assigned an RN who will become a member of your team - learning your unique preferences and protocol.

Dedicated Cost Savings

eData's Virtual Medical Scribes are dedicated to providing complete encounter notes for you and your patients. Not only will your revenue increase through the time you save, by including all pertinent information, our scribes ensure correct reimbursements. This comprehensive documentation allows you to recover lost revenue.

HIPAA Compliant Connection

Our easy setup process quickly connects you to your new scribe. Our minimal requirements are: an internet connection speed of at least 1MB, a computer or laptop present during the entire exam, and an approved speakerphone. The setup process, including software installation, takes approximately two weeks.

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