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Experts in customized health information management solutions to increase efficiency and cost savings; improve revenue-cycle performance and healthcare outcome; and heighten physician and patient satisfaction

American owned & operated with over 17 years of industry experience

eData Services is dedicated to creating tailored health information management solutions that grow businesses and contain costs.

With over 500 experts from every field, we deliver customized services to over 700 clients 24/7. We are HIPAA compliant, and utilize state of the art technologies, including the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to protect all customer data. With headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, and operations in Makati, Philippines, we are in a unique position to deliver what our customers require, while implementing cost-effective solutions. Our recruitment and training is very thorough to ensure that we employ highly skilled professionals who deliver industry expertise. We are ready to serve you and are committed to helping you scale your business.

As an attorney handling healthcare issues for over 40 years I understand what is needed in the medical/legal industry. I personally keep in touch with our customers as eData has been and continues to be an exciting passion of mine.

Fred Kumetz, CEO

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