Virtual Medical Office Assistants

Lessen the load of your support staff, increase patient satisfaction, and create a happier, more efficient office environment with the help of our experienced professionals.

An extension of your office - for less than you think.

eData Services’ Virtual Medical Office Assistants are the most efficient solution for creating and maintaining a manageable workload within your practice. Take the pressure off your existing staff and see an improvement in both office morale and staff-patient relationships.

Our Virtual Medical Office Assistants take on a wide range of responsibilities including

  • Pre-exam verification of insurance eligibility, benefits and coverage
  • Securing treatment authorization
  • Submitting claims, responding to claim denials, and resolving EOB issues
  • Identifying and finding solutions for common billing issues
  • Managing the phones by responding to patient inquiries, scheduling, taking pre-exam histories, confirming appointments, and transferring calls to your other staff
  • Processing mail by posting it to the EHR and overseeing the appropriate follow-up

Benefits of Virtual Medical Assistants

Experienced Professionals

eData's Virtual Assistants come from medical, legal, and accounting professions. We'll match a qualified Assistant to your practice's unique needs. They will quickly become a member of your team - learning your unique preferences and protocol.

Immediate, Affordable Availability

An internet connection is all you need to get started. Starting at $12 an hour, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will work with you and your staff on a full or part-time basis.

Remote Benefits

With our Virtual Assistants, you don't have to worry about payroll taxes, social security, health insurance, workers comp, vacation or sick leave. No figuring out where to put a new desk, computer, and phone.

In-House Benefits

Creating a manageable workload for your in-office staff will allow you to re-focus your attention on patient care. The impact will positively affect every part of your practice.

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