Medical Record Summaries and Reviews

Enabling you to effectively do your job with concise, digitized reports
created by experienced medical professionals.

Attention to detail tailored for you.

eData’s Medical Record Summaries, Indexing, Reviews and Abstractions are customized to deliver the results that you need. Whether you are a healthcare provider, insurance company, attorney or forensic engineer, our medical professionals will provide you with the distilled information you need.

We extract information from medical records into a summary document. Each entry in the summary allows the reader to refer and view the original records through links.

Our Summaries, Indexes, Reviews and Abstraction cover the following areas:

  • Hospital admissions and discharges
  • Histories and findings, pointing out inconsistencies
  • History of treatment, prognosis and future medical care
  • Expert opinions related to causation, mechanics of injury, disability and apportionment
  • Deposition, legal documents and employment records
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Who We Serve

Experienced Medical Professionals

Summaries, Reviews, and Abstractions are prepared by medically-trained professionals that have the expert knowledge needed to create thorough, precise reports. These professionals include MDs, RNs, physical therapists, dentists and pharmacists.

Healthcare Professionals

Let our medical professionals review and organize medical records so that your time is optimized and records are presented in a clear format ready for your use.

Insurance Companies

Process medically-related claims better than ever with accurate and concise medical abstracts. Whether setting reserves or guiding settlements, our Summaries make these processes straightforward and successful.


Prosecute or defend medically-related claims with accurate medical chronologies and summaries. The summaries can be used to prepare for depositions, trials and settlement strategies.

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