Medical Report Editing

Translating your medical exam findings and opinions into complete, compliant reports.

Meeting the substantial evidence standard of the workers' compensation industry

eData Services’ medical professionals complete your medical report using your preferred template or one of ours. Our medical report editing services include:

  • Drafting utilization review rebuttals and appeals in response to denials
  • Inserting MTUS, ACOEM, ODG, and evidence-based support for requests for authorization
  • Editing permanent and stationary reports together with the AMA rating

State of California Medical Practitioners: If you are preparing medical reports on workers’ compensation cases, we refer you to California Labor Code Section 4628 for compliance.

Medical Report Editing Benefits

Experienced Medical Professionals

Your medical reports are prepared by medically-trained professionals that have the expert knowledge needed to create thorough, precise reports. These professionals include MDs, RNs, physical therapists, dentists and pharmacists.

Ensuring Complete Results

All medical opinions, findings and conclusions must be provided to eData Services. eData Services never creates this information for you. However, in order to yield successful reports, our medical experts will notify you if there are areas of the report where you need to source more detailed information.

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