Fred Kumetz

CEO and President

Fred Kumetz is the founder and CEO of eData Services. He is an attorney who has practiced law in California for over 30 years. As an attorney, he has represented doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and banks. He has also litigated class action lawsuits that required the organization and management of data extracted from tens of thousands of documents. He understands the needs of eData’s clients. His background as an attorney makes him particularly adept at operating a Health Information Management Company.

The Philippine Government and other outsourcing organizations frequently ask Fred to speak at conferences on outsourcing issues. Additionally, Fred is an expert on HIPAA and HITECH and provides training programs for eData staff as well as clients of eData. Fred has been a speaker on HIPAA at annual conferences of the California Orthopedic Association (COA) and the California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery (CSIMS). Fred serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Health Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and served as its Chairman for several years.

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