November 07, 2016

eData services has been my go-to resource since I opened my private practice, more than 15 years ago.  Growing to eight employees and two busy locations would have been impossible without the leverage and flexibility of eData’s services. eData offers front and back office manpower on an as needed basis, sparing me from hiring additional staff who might be busy at times but unproductive on “slow days.”

As my practice grew, I leveraged using medical transcription, initial history taking, data entry, appointments, literature research, and organizing/scanning old charts sent for my review.

I have been able to meet with key employees at eData via web conference and in person in my office.  The staff is eager to shape their work to accommodate my needs and style. Whenever adjustments are necessary, I have found eData’s staff to be extraordinary customer-centered, bending over backwards to maintain excellence in the work product.  Dealing with eData staff is like stepping back in time, to the days of old-fashioned customer service and the attitude of the “customer is always right.”

I recommend eData Services heartily and without reservation for medical practices’ outsourcing needs.

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